poster mockHere is my mock up advert. I have copied my technique of overlapping from my digipak because I thought it was effective and looks quite cool. It also makes the picture look more attractive and busy and again, is an example of synergy.



I drew a rough mock up of my advert poster, where I layered two pictures I had taken during filming and had also used in my digipak. I decided to re-use the pictures to create synergy across my video, digipak and poster, so that people will recognise and understand them all. 17342015_992975057503758_1527936750_o

I have blended two pictures together to make the advert a bit busier, but I have completely limited the wording, so that its attractive, interesting to look at and not too wordy. (The circled green sentence isn’t part of the advert).


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.15.36

I have chosen to analyse the poster for Calvin Harris’s song and album, Sweet Nothing. It is very simplistic, but effective. They have stuck to a very strict and simplistic colour scheme of different shades of blue and white. The font is also very simplistic and bold, which makes it very clear. The words are different sizes to show the importance, so “CALVIN HARRIS” is bigger than “SWEET NOTHING” because it is more important and they want the audience to read that part first. The words are also all in capital letters so that they stand out an it makes them even clearer.

There is very little graphology in this poster, there is a picture of Calvin Harris and some lines either side of the text. The face is biggest feature on the poster and therefor the main focus. It’s quite a powerful image as it looks as if he is staring directly at you and his serious facial expression suggests his music is just as serious. The lines either side of the text give the poster depth and almost make the text look as if it is popping out. They also add more to look at and without them the poster might look too plain and boring.