There are 5 main areas and key elements to our music video. We are going to have a main story line, which will be a minor disaster, followed by a chase. We will have several clips of a dance routine, some lip sinking shots and some fill images. We might also include some animation and we might show the relationship between characters too. Everything we include in our video will appeal to our audience and fit our genre.

We have done further research into what makes a music video and to what people like in a music video and Andrew Goodwin’s theory has  shown us many things, for example:

  • Relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, which illustrate, amplify or match the lyrics, e.g Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer:


  • Relationship between music and visuals, when the video relates to the beat, for example Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?:


  • Music Video (sometimes close details, such as tattoos) demonstrates genre characteristics, e.g. System of a Down – Chop Suey:


  • The demands of the record label include the need for close up shots of the artist, to show the audience feelings and emotions, for example Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko:


  • There is frequently reference to notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes etc) particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body, e.g. ,Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball:


  • Often inter textual reference to films, TV programs and other music videos, e.g. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication:


I think that Vevo and YouTube would produce and exhibit our music video because the song, genre and artist are quite well known and popular, however our video idea is quite original, upbeat and involves action and dance. This means that it will attract a lot of attention and get a lot of vieoriginalws because it is so diverse and will appeal to many people.

Vevo is a video hosting service owned and operated by a joint venture of Universal Music Group (UMG), Google, Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Abu Dhabi Media.The videos on Vevo are syndicated across the web,with Google and Vevo sharing the advertising revenue.

Black Butter Records, Asylum records and Atlantic records are all Rudiment052815_atlanticrecords_og_imageal’s record labels and, as our music video is relatively similar to some of theirs, I think that some of these record labels will help produce and exhibit our music video too. Here is a music video from Black Butter Records that is also exhibited by Vevo on YouTube:

Gorgon City – All Four Walls ft. Vaults has a similar idea to their music video as we do and the genre is the same too. Black Butter Records is the record label for Rudimental and Gorgon City, so I think they would help produce and exhibit our video, as well as Vevo.


Our video will attract our perfect audience member in many different ways. For example, they will enjoy the song we have chosen, as it is one of their favourite genre’s. Rudimental is relatively well known, so this will appeal to them, however the song we have chosen isn’t particularly famous, which will appeal to them as it will make them feel “original”. This is the song we have chosen:

Our video in particular will appeal to our perfect audience member because it will be relatable to them, as we are setting it in an average area with not much wealth, there will be arguments and chases and trouble. This is relative to them not because they get in to arguments and a lot of trouble, but they watch a lot of films with these kinds of problems. They also like a bit of action, where our chase and fire and explosions will appeal to them. We will use shots and effects to make things more interesting and impressive, such as slow motion and the use of technology. This will appeal to them because it will look professional



Our perfect audience member according to http://www.findyourtribe.co.uk the perfect audience member for our music video is a “Rah”.


Tommy and I dressed one of our friends to match the audience member we think is most appropriate:


Our audience member isn’t particularly loud or outrageous, they like to look presentable, often wearing branded clothing. They also enjoy socialising, clubbing and participating in sport. They aren’t necessarily from a wealthy background, or a poor background, but mostly middle class.

Their favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese and they enjoy some take away food too. They listen to deep drum and bass and electronic music, but nothing too heavy like dubstep.


People listen to many different music genres and a lot of people have preferences to certain genres, artists and songs, however some just like anything. Why do people choose the music they do?

There are many reasons that help people choose their music, for example, they might like the music video. The song Upside Down & Inside Out by OKGO proves this perfectly. I never particularly liked this band or their music but as soon as i saw this music video, I changed my mind completely.

An original music video idea like this one appeals to people because it is very different to others and there are no special effects or CGI. There are many other features of music videos that appeal to people, such as dancing. If a music video has a type of dancing in it people might be drawn into watching it. Having attractive people in music videos will also make people watch the video and listen to the music.

An interesting music video will attract attention and be viewed and listened to, however there are many other music videos that put people off that particular artist. For example, if a music video uses boring shots, or has no focus or story line, it might be very uninteresting, such as this one:

There are many other reasons to do with visual persuasion, such as artists owning clothing brands that appeal to people, such as Yeezy, by Kanye West. Someone might like his clothing brand and therefore be drawn to listen to his music too. yeezy

Other reasons people choose music is to do with their peers. When one person in a friendship group discovers a new artist or genre, eventually everyone in the friendship group will listen to it.

TASK 13 – Storyboard.

I drew a storyboard on the first minute and a bit of the music video for Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now. Here is the music video:

I analysed the first couple of minutes of the video and drew pictures of each important point and made it into a storyboard, here is what i made:


The first screenshot at 0:06 states the setting, it reads “350 billion years ago…” this explains the rest of the clip and makes it very clear. The rest of the clip is supposed to give the impression of evolution. It begins with a jelly fish, moves to some form of Eel, then a Puffer fish, then to a different bigger fish, then it jumps onto the land and begins on land as some form of crocodile, then i finished my storyboard at 1:43 with an animal climbing up a tree.

TASK 12 – 9 Screen Shots.

I have chosen to analyse the 9 key shots from the Major Lazer – Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) music video. Its genre is the same as the song Tommy and I have chosen, dance/electronic.

Here is the link to the music video:

9 Key Screenshots:


Individual screenshot analysis:


This is the first key shot because it is the first time you see one of the featuring singers and main characters (Ellie Goulding) and the set, which is clearly a cafe or restaurant of some sort. This shot also tells us that it is during the day, as there is natural light coming through the windows at the back. This shot is important as it sets the scene of the music video.


This is the first time you see the other main character and singer, Tarrus Riley. The lighting is quite dark to set a warm, relaxed atmosphere, but also having some natural light coming through the blinds to show it is day time.


This shot is also important, as it shows us that something is going on in the video, as if Ellie Goulding has the power to bend metal. This is the main focus of the video and it introduces the power between the two singers in the song, “Powerful”.


This shot shows the light become slightly bluer and more sinister almost, as we see that Tarrus Riley also has a power, to make fruit float. This clarifies that both singers have some form of power.


This shot is important because it shows that the other characters in the video are amazed by what Goulding and Riley are doing and what powers they have. The mans facial expression in this shot emphasises the amazement and  how unnatural their power is.


This shot also shows the shocked facial expressions of the other customers. It also shows gives the impression that this restaurant is possibly a road side food stop, as there is a bearded old man in a vest behind the counter. The furniture, architecture and props also give this impression, for example the old kettle on the counter.


This shot shows both singers working together and combining their powers to make everything in the restaurant float and lift. Their power represents the song name, “Powerful” and the lyrics. This shot is also important as it is the first time we see the two singers coming together and meeting due to their unnatural powers.


This is a key shot because it is the most busy. It shows the two singers using their powers on both sides of the shot and in the middle is a very out of hand, messy looking restaurant with floating people and props to show how powerful the two are. It shows that things have got out of hand it it shows peoples shocked facial expressions. The business of this shot makes the whole scene seem a lot more crazy and out of hand.


This is the final key shot, right at the end of the video. It shows the two main characters leaving together in a car in the dark. This is strange because we saw what looked like natural light coming through the blinds in previous shots. This shot is important as it suggests the two with powers have bonded and are leaving together because they have become friends in some sense.