We wanted to film our music video in a specific location, however, the weekend before we planned to film, our location (old barn steadings) was sadly nocked down and demolished. However, we luckily managed to get access to a construction porta-cabin, which we used to our advantage and integrated it as being a caravan like building for the boyfriend and girlfriend. Here is a picture we took of the cabin:


Another problem we came across after filming was that we had a few shots which had been filmed with the wrong fps, meaning the slow motion shots we intended on using came out very jumpy. To improve this, we re-shot them with the right fps. We also had to re-take certain clips because we had ones were the girlfriend was wearing a jumper, and some were she was wearing a t-shirt. We re-shot these so that she was wearing the same thing throughout.

In general, I feel our filming ran smoothly and worked just the way we wanted it to. Our actors worked very well with us, which allowed us to get everything we needed to do, however our dancing clips were filmed very last minute, due to the location being constantly in use. Our extensive planning allowed us to know what we needed to do, which therefore meant we were not trying to make things up on the spot. I am very happy with how it went, and I am pleased with our final piece.