Who? – Esme (girl/lip sinker), George (boy), Flora (dancer). ADULTS?…

When? – Sunday 4th (3:30pm-5pm).

Where? – Home, Hopeman quarry, art block, heathcare centre.smoke-machine

Props – Beer, fire vehicle (Mr Clarke, Will, Tuge, JJ – 4:15), spinal board (from Miss Dickinson), blanket, smoke machine, LED lighting (ask Niyi/Cami/Miss Tatlow), Esme funeral card, electric radiator, extension cables, furniture to burn (old chair?).



Esme – clothes she spinal-boardis happy to ruin (ripped and dirty for lip sinking) make-up to look as if in house fire.

Flora – White dress.

George – tracksuits.

Fire fighters – yellows.

Plan – Boy and girl slow motion argument in kitchen. They leave and walk down corridor (camera tracking from behind and a still from in front). Girl storms upstairs. Boy gets beer and throws jumper on radiator (in kitchen). Sits on sofa watching TV with beer. Falls asleep and head flops on arm of sofa – immediately lifts head when room is full of smoke and he passes out – black out. ***

*1 – wakes up crawls out of building to outside. Sees Esme being carried out on stretcher with a blanket over her – dead. Boy angry and upset runs away to get over girlfriend’s death. He jumps off “cliff” at beach/Hopeman quarry.


*2 – POV carried out on stretcher and same happens.


*3 – wakes up in the medical centre and is handed a funeral invitation for his girlfriend – runs off angry and sad and same happens.

Scenes in between of Flora dancing. Scenes in between of Esme lip-sinking in front of a projector and on set too, e.g. in front of the boy before he jumps off the cliff.



In our music video we have 6 characters, they are:


She plays the girlfriend and she also does all the lip sinking.

We chose her because our song is sung by a female and we know Esme can sing and that she is a very good actress, so we thought her acting and lip sinking would be the most convincing.



georgeI am playing the part of the boyfriend. I’m in our video because it is very easy, as it is partially my video. This means that I have an insight to what I want the video to look like, so I will know what I want to do and as I will also be acting, it means I will see the video in different ways and will be able to help in different ways. It also makes it easier when organising times to film.



Flora is the dancer in our video. We wanted a dancer in our video because we think it improves the video significantly and it appeals to a lot of people. We think it adds significantly to the video as it simply looks “cool”. We chose Flora because we know she is a very good dancer and actress too, and she will be able to choreograph something that looks good.



Jack will be acting a fire fighter. We chose Jack because he is the captain of the fire service at our school and he is a very well trained fire fighter. He has also featured in various school plays so he too is a good actor and has helped us organise a group of fire fighters and a vehicle for our video.




Will is also acting as a fire fighter. We chose Will because he is on duty on the day we are wanting to film, he is also a qualified fire fighter and a very good actor.



tugeHe is also acting as a fire fighter and we chose him because he too is on duty the day we are filming, he is also willing to do anything and I’m sure he is a good actor.


Tommy and I have decided to film our music video in several different places, for example:

Cove sea beach:

cove-seacovesea  We chose this beach because it has a lot of small cliffs that are high enough to look like someone is jumping to commit suicide (due to effective use of angles) but small enough to safely jump from. We will use this for our last scene when the boyfriend commits suicide.

My home:

This is the couples home that the boyfriend accidentally sets fire to. We will use one of these sofas for the boy to sleep on and the stairs are for when the girl leaves mid-argument. These will be used at the start of the storyline.

Keam Farm steadings:

Here are some photos of some ruined old farm buildings. We plan to use these as the after math of the house fire. We will use shots and angles that convince the viewer that these buildings are the remains of the home in the previous shots (where the couple live).

The projector in the art block:

We will use a classroom in the art block because it isn’t used as much as other rooms, so it looks “lifeless” and empty and dark. It also has a projector in it that we will use to show some of our stills and lip sinking shots.

Ogstoun theatre:

We are going to use one of the room in Ogstoun theatre for Flora to dance in, because again it looks dark and empty. We will use lighting as to highlight her and she will be wearing a white dress so that she stands out.


Tommy and I have made 5 shot lists on 5 different sections.  Our first one is on our opening scene of the boy and the girl arguing and fighting:


Our second is the clips of the fire and smoke and explosion:


Our third shot list is on our dance scene of Flora:


Our fourth is of the boy running and jumping off a cliff:screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-20-49-51

Our fifth and final shot list is of our projector clips, where the girl will be lip sinking a lot of our lyrics:screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-21-07-21


We chose these shots and angles because we think they are the most effective shots and will present our video really well. We aim to follow these plans.


Image result for boyfriend and girlfriend fightBoyfriend and Girlfriend have an argument and fall out. Girlfriend storms upstairs and goes to sleep. Boy has to sleep on sofa, so he turns on gas stove to make something to eat [Russian montage implying a fire is imminent], whilst swigging from a bottle and sits down on sofa. He dozes off and his head falls [as his head hits the armrest we have a graphic match as if he falls through the sofa]. As he lifts his head the living room he is in is full of smoke. He gets up, stumbles about and passes out from the smoke. He is blacked out whilst getting dragged out of the house with POV shot. There is nothing he could do to save his girlfriend because he passed out from the smoke. The next scene is the boy watching the body getting carried out by a stretcher. He is distraught and therefore begins to run. He runs through different situations until he gets to some cliffs, where he stands and looks out for a while. It is then implied that he jumps off the cliff, with a Russian montage.Image result for house fire

We will also have side stories of our Lip Syncing singer being the girlfriend in our main story, and therefore as the story progresses, as will her appearance whilst she lip syncs.